Channah Zeitung is the youngest 3 time California State Champion in Martial Arts (ATA) ever at age 4 under the direction of her coach Mrs. Patricia Church (Churchs Martial Arts in San Diego, CA). She made her television debut on ABC's “Katie Show” ( as one of Katie Wonder Kids (aired March 1, 2013) with Mrs. Church.  March 1, 2014, Channah became a first degree Black Belt. She is a 2 time District Champion (Creative and XMA Weapons) and just became a 5 times Pan American Champion in ATA Taekwondo (Traditional Forms, Traditional Weapons, Creative Forms, Creative Weapon and XMA Weapons) won in Uruguay September 2016 in the 8 and under rings.

Channah joined with her mentor Rayna Vallandingham (11 time World Champion) to promote Anti-Bullying - together they have made several appearances at schools, County Fairs and events in California and Arizona under the name of "Child Prodigy" and "Wish Warriors". In 2013 they were chosen to be the poster kids for WISHING FOR MOMMY. To head the Pink Belt Campaign to raise money so kids with mothers that have Breast Cancer would be able to treat their Mother. They travel America as well as Indonesia and Australia to promote the Pink Belt Campaign and Leadership. They have become known as a “Wish Warriors” as they continue helping others and being role models.

Recently Channah was featured in ATA's Iridescent Jahng Bong (along with Rayna Vallandingham) promotional Jahn Bong (Bo Staff) video. Channah is also an Ambassador's for Deux par Deux Clothes.

Channah began her journey in martial arts when she was just a little over two years old at Church's Martial Arts under Patricia Church and Sr. Master Ken Church.  Jose Aguilar is the person who taught her the Bo and later Jackson Rudolph (#1 Bo World Champion). Patricia Church, Alexa Marie-Bailey Rodrigues (X5 16 World Champion) and Caitlin Dechelle (the #1 female World Champion) instilled the art of performance.

Channah lives with her parents (father, Dr. Jeffery Zeitung, is a Urologist/Surgeon at Scripps in San Diego, her mother, Gloria, is a publicist) her Sister (Naomi age 7) and little brother (Peter age 4).

She is in the third grade. Samuel Warren is her acting coach. She has three dogs (Lucy, Cheese-it and Alvin), three Bangle Cats (Eva, Blonde and Wally) and a ferrite (Cheeto).

FYI: Channah received a Karate Black Belt March 1, 2014 (at age 5) and her ATA Black Belt June 21, 2014 (age 6). She won her championships as a Purple Belt. Channah was born April 8, 2008.

Channah Zeitung is now a 5x Pan American Champion in Tradional Forms and Weapons Creative Forms and Weapons and XMA Weaponsshe - she represented the United States in the 8 and under ring.

Pan American Championships September 2016Channah is now a 5 X Pan American Champion - photos from Championships...

Team CHURCH - with Sr. Master Ken Church

with Cameron Twomey after Championships

on the thumb of the 5 fingers


Las Vegas

CHANNAH DEMO part 1 from Channah on Vimeo

Practicing before a tournament
7/22/15 performing at the Carmel Valley Plaza movie night
6/23/15 San Diego Living - Weird Science CW

2/14/15   2 Time Nevada State Champion - next stop Austin Texas for the Nationals in June - WTF

Teaser of XMA Black Belt Ceremony March 1, 2014 (age 5)


Official 1 st win in WTF - ( Channah started over in belts in WTF - she is still a black belt in XMA and ATA)

Channah Zeitung's Black Belt Ceremony March 1, 2014 (age5)

9/12/14      Channah's video on How To Train Yourself


8/31/14   LOS ANGELES COUNTY FAIR - Pamona 5pm
August 2014 - Channah and Rayna have been selected to help create awareness to stop Bullying and to help finish their film “Charity”

7/18.14   Booked 5 nights at DREAMS RESORT & SPA - Friday & Sat opens for Rock Band and Sunday - Tuesday solo


7/16/14  Doing a live demonstration at Liga D Artes Marchcials D Quintana Roo in Cancun Mexico
Miss Channah Zeitung from XMA in the United States performing her extreme form at the March 2014 launch of Pink Belt Dojo. You can 'like' Pink Belt Dojo on Facebook
3/11-19/14    Team XMA -Bali/Australia
3/7/14   off to Bali with Mike Chat and Rayna Vallandingham
Channah and Rayna after she received her Black Belt
3/1/14    Graduation to Black Belt
3/1/14    XMA DEMO Team perform for Channah's graduation
2/22/14   CHANNAH     a look back
1/31/14     92130 Magazine
1/23/14    Del Mar /Carmel Valley News/ Solana Beach/Rancho Santa Fee
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1/17/14    ABC News - Grant at Beth Am Pre School - Wish Warriors
1/16/14  Butterfly Gardening on San Diego Living CW TV

1/15/14     92130 Magazine        
1/8/14     LA PARENT MAGAZINE        LA PARENT MAGAZINE promotes Wishing for Mommy
1/3/14   Temecula Valley Times     Temecula Valley Times -Channah gives Grant
12/14/13  Wishing For Mommy - Pink Belt Revolution - With MIKE CHAT
12/3/13     DEL MAR TIMES         DEL MAR TIMES - Channah giving Grant
12/3/13     Wishing For Mommy Blog
11/26/13    XETV TV - 10 pm News - first Grant given to a Mother with Breast Cancer
Channah Zeitung, Rayna Vallandingham and Mik Chat
10/11/13 taking WISHING FOR MOMMY to LA - XMA Headquarters
10/9/13   CW- CH 6  PRIDE PINK BELT for Wishing for Mommy with PRIDE MARTIAL ARTS
Channah Zeitung along with Rayna Vallandingham are currently the poster kids for WISHING FOR MOMMY
8/30/13   LOS ANGELES COUNTY FAIR - Pamona 6pm
7/13/13   DAY BREAK ARKANSAS - KATV-TV ABC - guest Channah Zeitung, Rayna Vallandingham  
UNDERDOG KIDS debut with Rayna and Phillip Rhee and ATA WORLD.
6/20/13 SAN DIEGO COUNTY FAIR - Del Mar Fairgrounds 6 pm
5/30/13     CARMEL VALLEY NEWS    State Title Wins Channah Zeitung
5/19/13 Escondido Street Fair LIVE with RAYNA VALLANDINGHAM
                   Rayna Vallandingham and Channah Zeitung
5/17/13    San Diego Living
4/1/13    90213 Magazine    
4/1/13   MUCK RACK - KATIE
Channah working out in Las Vegas before SPRING NATIONALS

        working out before Spring Nationals in Las Vegas
3/1/13     Twitter - Katie Couric
3/1/13      KATIE SHOW      
 3/1/13    ABC SPORTS - SMASHPIPE - Channah Zeitung on Katie Show  
3/1/13    TweetWood Katie on Channah
3/1/13   INAGIST & JellyBelly  Make My Day - Katie
12/12/12     Jewish Journal     All bout Channah Zeitung
9/12/12    Panama City
8/16/12   Del Mar Times - Valley Times   just 4 and a competitor
8/12/12     U-T San Diego    multiple titles

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